College looks different to different people.


For many, it's a place of hope and opportunity. But for millions of "academically underprepared" adults, it's also a place of risk and potential failure. Far too many cross the threshold with great hope only to exit pre-maturely with a sense of defeat. While this problem is extremely complex, I believe that a central factor has to do with culture clash and insufficient communication between academic insiders and outsiders.

Positioned at the threshold of college, I am a translator. I help practitioners better understand the experiences, expectations, and needs of adult learners, and I assist adult learners to better understand the culture, expectations, and practices of academic insiders.

I work with practitioners to examine existing institutional and instructional practices and design approaches that are more responsive to the realities of students' lives. I make recommendations for program improvement, facilitate professional development workshops, and conduct and share research on adult learning and development. I also develop and teach workshops and courses for learners on the margins of college whether they are 1st-generation students, immigrants, international students, individuals transitioning from the military, prison, or just many years away from an academic setting.


I am a learning coach and consultant for all kinds of adults: those seeking life change through further education and those dedicated to facilitating that change.