Working with you renewed the energy of the entire team. I appreciated the support of being able to talk through our processes with you, why we do them, and how we might do them differently. The intake process is much more comfortable and useful now, for the student and for the staff. I am really grateful for your clear thinking, hard work and dedication.”

- Marie Troppe, Director Transition to College & Careers, Holyoke Community College

"Janet did some very valuable consulting work with our Transition to College team, helping us focus more on the student experience, from intake on. I think her insights could contribute to national and statewide conversations around developmental education, too."

- Kermit Dunkelberg, Assistant Vice President, Adult Basic Education & Workforce Development, Holyoke Community College

"Janet's work with our international graduate students was stellar. She put together a series of workshops around the broad topic of academic writing. She was flexible and responsive to student needs, adjusting the content and format as the series rolled out. Student feedback was uniformly positive-- except that they wanted MORE. Janet also presented to our faculty twice-- once before the series to seek their input and share her plans and following the conclusion of the series, she offered a thoughtful set of recommendations. Our faculty are eager to carry her work forward-- and to find ways to use her talents in the future."

- Aviva Must, Dean, Public Health & Professional Degree Programs, Tufts University School of Medicine

"I have been wanting to write a proper thank you for your compassionate listening and intelligent contributions in our work together last fall. As a result, I am delightedly finding myself in a completely different place as I begin teaching this semester."

-  Faculty member, UMass Amherst 


"Janet has observed two classes of mine, and the feedback she has provided me with has helped me to see how to augment and refine the scaffolding and support I provide to students...As someone who has been teaching since 2003, I’ve found myself blinded by my familiarity with college conventions: it’s not easy for me to see my own class the way a student would see it, so far removed from the context of academic culture. Janet has been a brilliant brainstorm-partner...She has an expert sense of the course outcomes students need to reach and a seasoned practitioner’s subtle wisdom for how to reach those outcomes. I am grateful for the inspired suggestions Janet has made as I continue to re-design my instructional practices."

- Sarah Gilleman, Coordinator of Developmental English, Holyoke Community College


"Janet helped alleviate some of the stress I had transitioning from an advisor, who typically works one-on-one, to doing more group advising/workshops tailored to meet our students where they are. She helped me become more comfortable with lesson building and planning."

- Melissa Rojas, Education and Career Advisor, T2C Program, Springfield Technical Community College